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JamBerry Nails
United States - Brooklyn
JamBerry Nails the Nail Revolution. High Quality and low cost nail shields. Over 150 nail designs with all types of ladies in mind, we have contemporary styles and wild styles as well. The perfect stocking stuffer. You can match or even mix your nailes and toes with one sheet! Jamberry Nails are the perfect finishing touch to style.

What inspired your Online Business?

I was extremly business between working a fulltime job and pursuing my degree full time and I am a single mom. I know I need additional income but my schedule is full.

How many visitors do you get daily?

Typically I get anywhere between seven to ten vistors per day. I am looking for new ways to drive attention to my sight. I am working with a couple of other advertising agencies to help me in my endeavor to drive new customers to my sight.

Did you attend any Online Business schools or courses?

Well I am a marketing major in school. I am sure that as helped me some. I have also watched how google and facebook sale there advertisements too. I have also attended some online courses through a local University that has helped as well.

Extra information about your business?

Nails Shields are the perfect gift for any woman. They are high in quality, they last for a long time and they look fabulous as well. You can even use them on your dogs too. If your a women that does not have alot of extra cash to spend on that extra attention that we all need, then Jamberry Nails are for you!

How do people contact you?

If a person would like to get additional information please feel free to look me up on Facebook under Cinna Styx. Also email me at And of course you can go to my website at

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