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JH Trading
South Africa - Gauteng
We offer quality workmanship in any electrical work,steel and welding work, mechanical work and minor building alterations.
We do anything, no matter how small or big the job may seem!
As qualified artisans we deliver each time, every time. We also do CNC turning work and anodizing.

Can any Electrician do the job? How can you be sure?

Not any electrician can think out of the box in certain situations. I have worked in various industries where situations came up and a plan had to be made. to ensure productivity of operations and not all electricians could make a plan or temporarily solved that specific situation,

Does your job involve various skills? Can you name a few?

Yes. I do have two trades, Millwright (still Olifantsfontein qualification) as well as Instrumentation Technician. Therefore we pride ourselves in that we do various types of work with qualified people. Electrical installations, faultfinding, repairs and COCs. Control and automation applications. Mechanical work, CNC turning, Anodizing and steelwork.

What should we know about the industry?

Myself as one of the directors of the company are hands on in all we do. Our portfolio only means that we carry the responsibility of our people and the work they do. Furthermore we all work together fast and effectively - this is the employees business, not the owners.

Do you belong to an electrician union or association?

Yes, we are part of the Electrical Contractors Association for the past few years already. This fact should give potential customers the peace of mind that the are a body to whom they can be referred should they have any doubts or queries. we have a solid foundation of which the ECA is the base.

What safety tips do you have for someone doing DIY electrical work?

Make sure you know the basics of electricity before even thinking of any DIY work. Before commencing any electrical work, make sure the main power is switch off by yourself and even if you switched it off yourself, test before you disconnect anything. Concentration is the key while working with electricity.

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Hendrik Robbeson
I am one of the companys directors as well as artisan, part of a dynamic team. I do have two trades - Millwright and Instrumentation Technician, Therefore I can do PLC programming as well as SCADA and HMI development and programming. More so on SIEMENS

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