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United States - Alabama
Personal Finance and the world economies a sore issue with most consumers in the world struggling to come out of the economic recession, so how does investing your money right give you a viable business plan for your families future. Many Banks have been cutting interest rates to help the majority of families cope under this volatile climate.

The Lower the intrest rate the less you pay for your mortgage [hense allowing more free money to grow the the economy]. Most people should be saving any extra money they accumulate. Good Saving habits may help pension plans and reducing overall expenditures and recurring costs.

There is a popular rule of thumb that most families should be saving 30 percent of their income [sounds almost impossible] but without trying to save your income its nearly impossible to plan your future.

Now by saving we dont mean stashing your cash under a matress, we mean finding a place to invest your money and making that money work for you. A rise in savings would start a fall in interest rates, increasing investment all over a country.

Invest and make wise choices now, you wont regret it.

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