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The most successful stock market traders have a plan and they stick to it. They dont let their emotions, news reports, the neighbor, etc, sway their course.

Long acknowledged as an important trading tool is the analysis of market trends because 1) trendlines tell you more about where price is going than any other tool, and 2) trendlines reveal entry and exit points for high probability trades.
Plotting these trends on the computer is a time-consuming task since each stock has to be chased down individually. This problem has been solved by Trendline Dynamics with our advanced software which enables a computer to identify the highest quality trendlines on market price data, information that is updated daily. No more hand plotting. No more searching for the relevant chart or graph. Theyre all in one place.
Besides having everything that is listed on the NYSE at your fingertips, there are great articles giving common-sense advice, insight, and tips for investing. Experienced traders and beginners alike will find something of value.

What should people know about finance?

Have a goal and stick to it.

How can a person make good financial decisions?

Make a plan, give it a couple of practice runs, redo the plan, then implement.

What mistakes does the average peson make?

Listening to the taxi driver, or buying/selling in a panic.

Do you have any advice about loans and finance?


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Karen Healey
Im part of a team working to get Trendline Dynamics off the ground. My job is to edit the articles and point out parts that are not absolutely crystal-clear. Im qualified for this because I am a farmer (retired) and know nothing about the Market.

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