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Industrial videoscopes for NDT inspections
Venezuela - South America Caribbean Isla
Tecinca, C.A. is an authorized distributor in Venezuela and the Caribbean islands of Videoscopes Dellon, manufactured in China by Beijing Dellon Visual Inspection Technology Co., Ltd, extreme quality laptops especially designed for strong and demanding industrial, used to perform non destructive inspections (NDT), in power plants, energy, petroleum, airlines, etc. They are the most suitable equipment to check gas turbines for the oil industry, combustion engines or turbines, aircraft, ship turbines, pipelines, compressors, valves, etc., and other equipment not want to disarm. And best of all, with several presentations or configurations that fit perfectly to the needs of all customers, AND THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY!.
For information and quotes, please contact:
Tecnologías Innovadoras C.A. (Tecinca, C.A.)
Phones: +58-414-2370975 +58-426-2060317

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