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Hiring a friend for your graphic designer for your advertising, invitations, Flyers, Business cards, EDDM mailings, Post cards, events, and/or all your personal needs also like pens, note/mouse pads, folders, headers on your print work … and really anything that you take a picture of. This personalizes you and what you do - where ever you go. For a small business of yours this can mean everything in the world to you. I am always real time with emails coming when your in that perfect location needing a certain pic. Working this way problem solves for me and generates more and more leads for you. We both just won !!!
I totally understand: trust is a factor to, all within budget you can see my latest work on face book @ IOS Graphics Design. A reference is always available.
If I receive an email from you we would begin the process to create the perfect match. Its simple you send me all information related or a reference website, I do some research, I create two or three designs, we mix and we match, when you see yourself reflecting, we send it to the printers. I have professional printing service available if needed.

What graphic design schools did you attend?

On line course, I teach myself graphics, but my instructors were straight from ADOBE them self - online. I did not use other people whom guess. One of my main instructors was Dave Cross. I have attended and graduated 5 years later from F.M.U in Programming and Networking. Working 7 years in the field of computers. Been doing art all my life from oil paintings, pencil sketches, murals, and now I have just simply incorporated technology into what I love to do.

What software have you used as a graphic designer?

I have started out working with CorelDraw 3, then got used to it and wanted to upgrade so went to CorelDraw X5, it has better features on it for color and is a great easy program to run. I have got into adobe photo shop and found pretty much an endless program and knowledge working with it. I am now using both and extending it in to video now also, the animation it can do is striking me as to I want to work with it also.

What graphic design websites do you recommend to people?

I would recommend my face book page to see some work but there is so many design sites out there that are amazing.

How did you learn graphic design basics?

Online courses, by Adobe corporate instructors. I have messed with the basics for about a year or so before doing work for clients. When I started to progress with it, it clicked for me that this is things I have done all my life. I have started 2 companies from scratch and take pride in it. Currently I am working with another start up company and will bring success to there company also. love this stuff.

Has your work been in any local news or articles?

Nope not yet, but shared on social sites all over the place. I am trying to build up my company from the word of mouth and believe this is how it will spread around.

Extra information about your business?

I am a friendly local designer, the only employee, no hourly fees - I charge by design

How do people contact you?

small ads and word of mouth - I like to have referrals

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Hello, I do my graphics on the side, I specialize in small businesses in there advertising, business cards, etc. I love to create and also do personal things like putting your wedding pics together, altering pics you may want. been doing art all my life.

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Great mike.. do you do SEO also

No, im sorry, I do not do it myself, my focus is on the art. I have a very good buddy that does the SEO and it is his priority. Please let me know if I can connect you guys.

Hi Mike.. do you have a website

Hello, Yes here is the website I have, it is only informational, I really dont use it for anything.

I use my Facebook for most of my examples and posts, contact, etc.

https: pages IOS-Graphics 237563766307439

Thanks for contacting
Grant Bachfird
Do you also offer website designing?

O gatcha, I understand, well hey, if you run into a block in the road, check out my buddies site, here is his website and his facebook pages, he will do a good job for ya

https: pages SearchOutsidetheboxcom-by-Jeremy-Wood 101808266522920

Just let him know about me (Michael) or say IOS Graphics and see if he hooks you up.

Hi mike, im looking for a C# developer, I have a site and have no clue as to how to change it. Thanks for your help
Hello, Yes but I guess to a point, I can do them like a go-daddy type site or some similar site. I have made (and you can take a look at) website, it is template based. I can not write code-thats all. So another wards I can not make all that flashy stuff run across the screen,with a 3D vibe. But if you are in a small or start up business and dont have the funding of thousands to put forth to make a flashy site, We can certainly work together. Even with templates used I can still link, post, update, and perform just like a high end site.

Thanks for inquiring

Have a great day. "Free Advertising Online"