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IKEA Furniture Assembly
United States - Miami
IKEA furniture assembly in Miami - Miami Furniture Assembly Services. We specialize in IKEA Furniture Assembly Services for home or business. Call Miami 786.474.6972 or 786.565.5287 & Broward 954.671.5223

What skills have you learned in your trade?

We have learned many skills in our trade. Here are a few to name. We can assemble any furniture, from any store, from any manufacture. We also learned how to mount TVs on walls, any size and also conceal the wires. We assemble Home/Office Furniture.

What certifications do you have?

We have many other contractors that are licensed electrician to perform those odd jobs, like moving electrical wires to another location, so we can built that beautiful TV Entertainment and hook up all the lightnings. We have over 25 years of experiences. Licensed & Insured.

Any tips for people regarding contractors?

Please make sure you hire the right contractor. Ask for business license, Insurance etc. There are many people out there advertising on craigslist that are not even licensed or insured. So please make sure you do your homework, before letting Handyman Jon assemble your furniture.

Do all contractors need a licence?

No. Not all contractor needs a license. Furniture Assembly is one of those business that does need a License. All you need is patience and many years of experience in assembly Home/Office Furniture. Miami Furniture Assembly LLC has over 25 years of experience!

Can you provide any client testimonials?

Absolutely! We can always provide GREAT Client Testimonials. Without our clients we would not be in business. The key to a successful business is the client. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for any business. So we always welcome Testimonials from our clients. Visit our Google Page, Yahoo Page and Bing to read what our clients are saying about us!

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IKEA Furniture Assy.
We know the feeling. You bring home your new furniture in boxes, just dreading to open them up! YIKES!!! So many parts and those awful instructions. What are you to do? Who wants to sit through that for hours on end, trying to figure things out? We do, of course! Our professional installers have the patience and expertise to build any ready-to-assemble home furniture or fitness equipment item you have purchased. We only speak in easy to understand terms and take the frustration out of READY TO ASSEMBLE!

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