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I am with Coldwell Banker, Kueber Realty
United States - Queens
If you want to buy or sell real estate in New York (Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan) you must go to a professional with years in the field. Coldwell Banker has been serving home buyers and sellers since 1906. If we were doing it wrong, would we still be here?

How is the current property market in your opionion?

Things are definitely taking a turn for the better. We have been experiencing a growth in home buyers in the past few months. We are working out way back to the top, slowly but surely.

What adivce do you have to first time buyers?

Dont do it on your own. When your tooth hurts, you go to the dentist. You go to your lawyer for all your legal advice. Realtors know Real Estate.

Do you have any good adivce about the industry?

There are many people out there that proclaim to be professionals. Be careful. Interview the Realtor you plan to work with. Go with a name you know, recognize and trust. Go with Coldwell Banker.

Extra information about your business?

At our office we are all homeowners. We are not going to advice you on purchasing a home and not practice what we preach. If you want to purchase a home, go with someone who has already done it.

How do people contact you?

Call us, email us, by the office, fax us, etc. We are easy to find. Contact information is provided freely.

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