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Hygiene Outright
South Africa - Riebeeckstad
Hygiene Outright only employ the previously disadvantage individuals that have been sought, through various church organizations in the different areas. Hygiene Outright is committed to giving opportunities to the people from where we obtain business. We support local businesses, keeping the money in our community.

Hygiene Outright is committed to improving and promoting sound and environmental practice. We believe that environmental protection is a strategic business issue and an integral part of our Corporate strategy. Hygiene Outright complies with all the relevant environmental laws that ensure good environmental practice! We use only SABS approved products. Hygiene Outright is also committed to act responsibly and with high regard to the effect of our operations on the environment.

Hygiene Outright incinerates sanitary waste with the help of Solid Waste Medical Waste Services, in a market where most of the sanitary waste is being land-filled, making it unsafe and unhygienic for children playing in and people living in these areas.

What cleaning services do you offer?

oSABS Approved Cleaning Chemicals
oCleaning Equipment
oPaper Products
oMedical Equipment and Consumables
oWater Coolers and Filters
oIndustrial Chemicals
oPermanent Cleaners
oCarpet Cleaning

oFeminine Hygiene Bins and Sanitary Bags
oSoap Dispensers/Foam Soap Dispensers
o Based Hand Sanitizer Units
oGrit Dispensers
oAutomatic Air freshener Units /Insect Units/Anti Units
oHand-drying Systems: Paper and Hot-air
oUrinal, Toilet System Sanitizers
oToilet Seat Sanitizers
oToilet Roll Holders
oWater Coolers

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

Replace what you think you know about Hygiene and Cleaning Products, with what we as a company KNOW from years of experience. Contact us for more information.

What products and items do you clean with?

We have a wide range of products available for a wide variety of Cleaning problems, from Grease Solvents, Kitchen Hygiene products, Bathroom Hygiene and paper products, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals and Utensils, Vehicle Cleaning Products and much more.

What tips do you have about carpet cleaning?

We have a Huge amount of Products available for use on carpet cleaning. We have products to remove the smell of Feline/Canine urine, Mercurochrome, Tomato Sauce Oil and the most

Can you give us 2 customer reviews?

Juan du Preez - Move I.T - I.T Solutions

I have been nothing but satisfied with this company and their service. Brilliant service delivery, Free delivery of products, great after-sales service and friendly and helpful staff that advise you on any and the best way to get a solution to any cleaning predicament you might find yourself or your business in. They truly stick to their promises.

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My Products / Services
Yet another GREAT cleaning product! Not only does this liquid form of the well known Pine Gel clean, but disinfects as well! This product is available in 1Litre, 5Litre and 25Litre capacities. It can be used for the cleaning and disinfecting of floors, baths, basins and general purpose cleaning as a whole. This product is food safe and is also pine scented, so it leaves your home/business smelling great!

Product Features
Mop Shine
Our Cleaning products are available in 1Litre, 5Litre and 25Litre capacities. Mop & Shine is an easy to use "One Step" Cleaning and Polish Product, meaning no water is needed, just apply to floor with a spray bottle and mop and Presto! It leaves a glossy shine on your floor and, because it is a scented product, it leaves you with a very pleasant smell for the rest of the day. The best part is, not only do you have a great product, but youll save on your water bill too.

Product Features
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