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How to start Advertising a Small Business
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How to curb the cost of advertising a small business. We go throught a few free advertising ideas for start up business.

Local Advertising

There are various ways to start advertising your business in your local area from free newspapers to church and community notice boards. Most countries have local papers that may charge a small fee to get your ad published for a few weeks.

Meet your potential consumers.

Get involved in the community, make friends with potential clients. This is especially relevant to people involved in clubs or societies that participate in what you provide. Chatting to your target market may give you ideas about what is needed in the industry and expose you to more business.

Radio Advertising

Various universities in the world run free radio stations, and this may be a good platform to advertise your offerings.

Forum Advertising.

Forums are a great place to advertise your small business. Posting your services online generates a permanent stamp on the web since search engines crawl and index pages all across the internet on a hourly basis and keep those pages until deletion.

Start a Website please.

Studies suggest a business with a long term website are less likely to fail, this is probably true since a website gives your small business some credibility. You should also benefit long term with regular visitors and clients.

Invest in Adwords

Adwords is and Google product that has payed for advertising solutions, you pay a small fee to start your account and thereafter your [pay as you go] meaning you can buy advertising for a month, believe me its not as expensive as you may think and sends regular visitors to your site.

Dont give up people :)

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