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How important is your website name
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So just how important is your website name? Is your website name something worth fussing over or is it more about building a quality website with something special on offer to your target market. I hope to give my opinion on this matter and shed some light on what you should avoid when choosing your domain name.

What is in a name?

Shakespeare wrote, Whats in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would still smell as sweet."

Shakespeare had a point, however if you dont own facebook or some other well known and distinguished website, you probably are not going to be on the tip of the tongue of most website users. So your website name could possibly help your audience get a clear picture of what your site offers and how it could help them achieve what they may be looking for.

Based on that argument your name becomes an important decision since it bridges the gap between what your site does and what a potential website user may be looking for.

Should you use your business name?

If you have an established business that has regular clients I would suggest purchasing a name that matches your business name. If that domain name is not available, you may have to adapt your website name and buy another name. If your business name is "Johns Catering" and your business is from New York, the domain "" may not be available, try ""

This is actually something that could help your business in the long run, adding "NY" to your domain name would give Google more information about you, you would also get more visitors who may search Google for terms like "Catering NY City".

Good domain names make SEO easier!

A Good domain names make SEO (Search engine optimization) easier, this is the process of creating a valuable tool that any search engine ranks highly and as a consequence should help you with masses of visitors.

As I said before in the domain "", the word John is good but fairly useless, the "CateringNY" part is much more significant in effect and meaning. It guides the search engine and the average website user to the purpose and objective of your website.

So if you are thinking of buying a domain name for your business, always keep the keywords in mind since this may actually help your business grows online and this will hopefully translate into sales in the real world.

What a good website name cannot fix.

There is one thing a good domain name cannot fix, and that is a bad website. If you have a website with "" and your website is badly designed, poorly updated and lacks any content related to what your name professes to have then im afraid you may do very poorly online.

If your domain name has dogs in the title, I would hope your website would have relevant imformation and content about dogs. The design is also very important since some website have no page title, no meta tags, and are generally lacking a logical connection between their domain name and what the domain provides.

As Google says, "Do one thing and do it well" by this they mean choose your website content based on a single idea, products

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