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Hercules SP Chemical Pump
South Africa - Sebenza
Specifically designed for the transfer of corrosive liquids, the Hercules SP Range of Vertical Spindle Chemical pumps are locally manufactured and have been in the market for over 20 years.
The Hercules SP specially designed double impeller allows the pump to run with no mechanical sealing and is therefore a frictionless pump and can run dry indefinitely with no mechanical damage.
This design allows:
Pumping against a closed head.
Pumping of very high viscosity slurries
Zero Cavitation
Passage of solids up to Ø5mm.

What are your responsibilities as a Engineer?

To Design and implement new technologies into our existing range of Pumps.
Monitor Mechanical as well as liquid movemets in our design program to lower heat losses as well as friction loss within the impeller housing

What skills do you have as an Engineer?

Autocad Drawing Skills, Forward thinking and always willing to sit down and find a solution. A very good Knowledge of Chemicals as welll as their properties and which materials are resistant to which Chemical.

What engineering skills do you use daily?

Drawing skills on a daily basis, Mechanical movement understanding and good liquid movement knowledge as wel as their resistances.
Pressure and how this influences the movement of the liquid.
Flowrates and the skillset to obtain any flowrate.

What is your businesses target market?

Pump Companies: all Distributors as well as manufacturers.
Mining Industry: Copper, gold, diamond as there is a lot of chemicals needed and pumps are needed for the transfer of these Chemicals. We also deal with alot of companies in the Anodising, Galvanising, Aoutomotive and laboratories

What specialist skills seperate you from the rest?

These pumps are tried, tested and proven in some of the harshest, most aggresive enviroments known. All of our pumps are made in our factory in Sebenza out of Chemical Resistant Polypropylene,HDPE, PVDF, PVC.
All of these plastics have different properties and resistances to All Chemicals.

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