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Herbal remedy for arthurrithus, muscle pain,
South Africa - Johannesburg
Significant results noticed by users of this HERBAL product within 7 days. Many Rhumathoid arthurrithus patients have come back with very positive results. Just 1 teaspoon of this herbal product every morning in a quarter glass of water with 1 teaspoon of honey. Its definitely worth the try.

What diets work, and what diets should people avoid?

avoid red meats, and acidic foods. Green apples are always still good to have. Olive oil is excellet for overall health, and do some exercise daily. You are what you eat , so make sure you eat healthy.

Any adivce for a person with regards to their health?

Your health is yor wealth. Take care of your health, it a treasure that you have. Guard it even more than a monatary treasure. Dont waste your health with eating unhealthy diets. Eat moderately , and take liquids about 15 minutes after meals.

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