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Greenleaf Disaster Relief
United States - Washington DC
The purpose of our organization is to globally help the victims of accidents and disasters. Our activity began in Washington, United States in 2001. Our activity was small-scale at first, we mostly helped the victims of the local disasters.
Thanks to the volunteers and the peoples donations, we have been able to increase our activity globally.

Are you involved in this event at all?

Yes i am, I was one of those people who started this activity and now we have over 800 employees and 2000 volunteers. Yearly we have collected approximately 200 000 dollars in donations, with which we have supplied the victims of the disasters with food and supplies., helped them pay hospital bills, and helped with the accommodation of the homeless.

What is this events history?

Our activity is mainly concentrated on the damages from earthquakes and the tsunamis caused by them. We intensively follow the earthquake reports, and are developing a tsunami warning system so that losses of Human lives could be avoided. Unfortunately the prediction of the earthquakes is hard, leading to hundreds of casualties yearly when the evacuations are delayed.
Our activity is not only limited to the victims of the earthquakes. The authorities have often asked us to help with the damages from storms and other minor disasters. We distribute information of the recent catastrophes on our website, and collect donations in order to help the victims.

Who is invited to attend this event?

Thanks to our activity, we have been able to save thousands of lives, and we are trying to continue to expand our activity so that we could help people everywhere as effectively as possible.. Everybody is welcome to join at volunteer or donate to our organisation

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