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Grazzle Gravity Puzzle
Belgium - Antwerp
The smart Zen puzzle.
The are attracted by gravity. What you can do it blocks of ground by tapping on them. The diagonal walls are key in leading your
How can you direct the to their target.
Many levels with online highscores, so you everybody can see your inventiveness!
The game is cheered up with procedural music.

Do you use websites for computer game reviews?

I use everything to get my game noticed.
It is hard to get noticed after spending a lot of time making the game.
My app still isn,t very noticed, I hope this site will direct some attention to it.
I really think it is a good game concept. Well.. try it...

What is needed in computer game design?

One needs to like the scripting. You have to spend a lot of time behind your computer, which sometimes is not very social.. When the game is ready , a lot of pollishing is also needed to give it a slick feel.
Grazzle is a finished game and I hope you like it

What game platform do you play on?


What technologies are involved in game dev?

I use my pc. I program in an Csharp. You will have to design some 3D objects. You can Use blender for this. Surely some 2D images are needed. For that there is the free Gimp. A good game engine will be handy also. Unity for example has free options...

What are your top 5 gaming picks?

WOW, GTA, Thief, Ultima7, Ultima8

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Grazzle Gravity Puzzle
Grazzle Gravity Puzzle is the game for your android phone.

Grazzle needs you to tap your balls to toe diagonal walls , affect other balls like in billiarting.
Its free! There are many levels in it. Reach the block with the number. there are many ways to get the balls over there.
The game comes with procedurally generated music that can be very nice. If its not your taste you can mute it or simply generate a new tune under -select- -music-
Be one of the first to start with this game. and If you like it, I would appreciate a review.
The background is also changing per level with an algorithm.
These are of course a programmers toy.

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