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Global Commodity Exchange
United Kingdom - London
Global Commodity Exchange (GCX) is a privately-owned, global organisation headquartered in London, UK which specialises in sourcing prestigious and bespoke alternative assets from around the world, and bringing them to the attention of like-minded individuals who recognise, as we do, the importance for an inclusion of alternative ‘strategies to pension and investment portfolios.

We see ourselves as your professional partner and with over 30 years experience in the investment industry, we have wide-ranging market knowledge and a well-deserved reputation allowing us to provide a suite of products to our own direct clients, industry professionals and a wider audience
of investors also. With specific expertise in direct investment into a physical, tangible asset such as UK and
international property and soft and hard commodities, we have developed and implemented a personalised and integrated concept that exactly suits requirements, allowing clients to take control over their financial future and livelihood.
Continuing to work closely with a best of breed team of industry professionals including niche SIPP and SSAS companies and specialist product providers, this has enabled us to bring valuedriven propositions to market.
Our team of skilled consultants strive to build strong personal relationships with a variety of investors
to help them profit from some of the most lucrative investment products in todays market place.

As well as having the benefit of dealing with proficient consultants, our clients goals include wealth
preservation, diversification, privacy, portability of wealth, offshore discretion and a long-term
growth strategy of a well-balanced portfolio invested in diverse asset classes.

What advice do you have about Investment?

Invest more in alternative investments.

What do people do wrong with money?

Not invest enough in commodities.

How do you formulate a good plan for your future?

Invest in commodities that work ie. Diamonds , Palm Oil.

Explain the term Investment diversification?

Spread your investments , dont kepp all yor eggs in one basket.

What did you actually study?

Real Estate

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