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Have your diet plan completely online by register nutritionists! Based on your body measures, health and family history and your food preferences. You just need to fill a questionnaire for us and then, just get ready to reach your ideal weight!

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What diets work, and what diets should people avoid?

Diets of no less than 1200 calories per day that include macronutrients and micronutrients that meet the RDIs. People should avoid fad diets and miracle diets that only have short term results and can harm your health, can slow your metabolism, and even trigger mental disorders cause of their restrictive nature.

Any adivce for a person with regards to their health?

Follow a balanced diet, healthy but not restrictive, rich in antioxidants and organic foods for better health outcomes. Exercise should be an every day activity also.

What foods are considered harmful?

Foods high in saturated and hydrogenated fats, refined carbs like white bread and sweets, and also salt if it is consumed in large amounts.

Can you give any good diet plans?

Of course, based on more than 6 years of academic studies in nutrition science and on professional experience. The fact that my diets are good can be seen from the good results all my patients had if they followed my advice!

What do most people struggle with when on a diet?

They usually feel restricted, hungry, unsatisfied, mainly a psychological issue than a physical needs as proper diet plans for nutritionists include enough food and are not restrictive.

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