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So how can a website Generate Traffic and can you double your visitors within a fairly short period? This is actually a complex question with various factors contributing to the answer. This said, it is possible to double or triple your website traffic in just a few short months with good website marketing and a few tried and tested methods that really work.

You actually need a plan.

Like any good business, you need a plan. A website is like a little puppy, it needs attention, it needs water and food and most importantly it needs a pat on the head from Google every now to acknowledge a job well done.

The actual meaning behind my ogy is the need for your undivided attention, if you sit back and expect the traffic to come pouring into your new website, your in for a hard dose of reality. To double your visitors takes time, hard work and a lot of correct website marketing tips.

The reality is that the newer your website, the harder it is to get going, your traffic may sit at 200 per month, you may have a blog that is getting very little traffic at all. If you focus on a long term goal and break that goal up into months you are on the right track, if for example you have 50 articles on your website and Google crawls those articles, you will probably receive a share of traffic looking for those articles, depending on your actual website concept, keywords and how good your content actually is.

Compound website growth.

So how do you double your traffic in a few months, well as in finance, compound interest refers to the ability for your existing money to make more money and this creates a compounding effect upon your overall amount, every month have the surety of a certain percentage of growth, thats where the comparision ends sadly, since most websites are not guaranteed any exact amount of growth.

This takes me back to my first point, with a marketing plan, good quality fresh content, inbound links, and just generally getting the word out about your website or product, you can in-fact attain a healthy growth rate to your website.

Realistic traffic growth to aim for.

What is realistic depends on your website idea and what people actually get from your website. If they get nothing will sadly not achieve any growth.

From my studies, 8 percent growth is hard to achieve, but if you manage to get that figure monthly you should double your traffic in 9 months. This may sound like ages but its not really that long, if your website achieved 2000 visitors in January, in October you would be getting 3,985 Visitors (at 8% growth per month), this means you have effectively doubled your visitors.

The 8% growth rate is not that simple to achieve, I keep stressing your website idea, if its a poor one and contributes no value to the web, you may not grow that quickly.

Now for the magic of compound website growth

So if your website actually grew at 8% monthly, and you continued this path for a very long time, in 2 years your website would be getting 11,742 visitors per month, that enough to make you smiling? If not then I shall continue. After 2.5 years you would be getting 18,634 visitors to your wonderful webs

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