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GVSC Communications Call Saving Solutions
South Africa - Edenvale
GVSC Communications is a Privately operated VOIP & Premi-cells Broadband call saving solutions network offering to you all your local & international calls at substantially reduced rates compared to that of Telkom and other network providers, We also offer Data solutions and Wireless setups. Office automation products-Copiers/faxes/Printers/Scanners etc..

What is an ISP?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides you with access to the Internet, usually for a fee. The most common ways to connect to an ISP are by using a phone line (dial-up) or broadband connection (cable or DSL). Many ISPs provide additional services such as e-mail accounts, web browsers, and space for you to create a website. We would also offer the assistance as being one of Telkoms ISPS the opportunity to make the contact to contact with Telkom on our clients behalf avoiding the client frustration.

How long have you been operating?

After being in the market and a partner with Cell C we have developed our own unique range of services and products since February 2005 and are well into the market as one of the leaders in the communications industry. And with happy clients comes a successful business.

What are the most basic packages?

Our most basic packages does vary as we are used to making a custom packages according to our clients day to day uses and needs. But we do offer standard call savings solutions from using VOIP and Premicells right through to wireless and data and broadband solutions.

What are some specials you are currently running?

In our industry to offer a client a special is not a solution for us or neither the client, thus we feel that to make the contact with the relevant client and do a ysis on their business needs is much more of a asset than a special price, as we offer special rates as part of who we are and what we have to offer.

How do people get more information?

The best way for anyone to do this is to make a contact with us at GVSC Communications as after all we are all humans and love the personal contact that we have with our current clients and your always gonna feel like family here. You can browse our website and get all the relevant contact details from there to make contact with your GVSC TEAM.

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My Products / Services
GVSC Communications own and operate an independent VOIP network complete with billing platforms admin and technical support.

Voip is a Voice over internet protocol that uses the internet to divert all your outgoing calls through our VOIP gateway and thus reducing your call rates substantially through our Satellites.

We can offer to our clients a savings of 30% on their local calls.
We can offer to our clients a savings of 30% on their national calls.
We can offer to our clients free inter branch calls.
We can offer to our clients 50% off their international calls.

And best of all this system is very cost effective to install.

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Being in the corporate environment for most of my life and having a great roll in every company that i have worked and putting companies in the market place is what i do best. Sales and marketing my forte but bringing the business down to black and white is what i do best. Happy customers is what i thrive on!

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