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G2G Electric Fencing
South Africa - Brakpan
For all your electric fencing needs, from home or business security needs to the agricultural sector. We cater for all your needs, with a neat proper installation. Backed with one of the largest suppliers. Cocs and any electrical work can be arranged, as I work hand in hand with a electrical company.

How did you start your business?

I sold my motorcycle, and car. Bought a bakkie and most required tools. Although Im still very far from my goal, and still very small... It will in no way affect the quality of my work. As my moto states, A neat fence, is a working fence.

What is your most popular product thus far?

For new installations, although a bit more expensive, square tubing brackets are most popular due to the fact ofvtheir toughness. Eluminium cable, cuase of their ability to give you greater distance and giving you higher quality voltage throughout your system.

Any tips for buyers?

Always make sure, the energiser can support the amount of cable used. As this can result in poor V output. Your earthing should also be adequit for the lenght of your property. For installed fences, make sure you dont have constant arching on your fence, as this can shorten or even damage your energiser

Why did you decide to start this business?

Well, in todays society, its not what you know but who you know. Struggling to find work, I decided to go do the courses. And make it my aim to give people a propper and neat installation. And starting up my own business, I may leave it to my kids to run. This way I dont have to worry about their financial future. And they are the ones, keeping me motivated to push through the rough patches Im currently going through, of starting up a new business from scratch.

How have people responded to your business?

From all my installations and repairs I have done, people seemed please and happy with my work Ive done for them. Some of my customers, phone me often, to do repairs and maintenance. Most of my new work coming in thus far, was as a result of word of mouth

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