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The best place to find free advertising for tradesmen and skilled workers of a particular trade or craft has to be this website, this article was created to bridge the gap between customers who do not have a clue where to find quality tradespeople with the actual skilled people who can help them out.

If you are a tradesman or you know a good quality artisan we suggest you add your business here to get your services listed for free. You should also read the rest of this article since it gives you some good tips about advertising and the industry in general.

How to advertise a skill correctly

Advertising may seem like the simple act of posting your name and services and then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring, sadly it is far more complicated then that, customers are not stupid and will only settle for someone who sounds like a total professional, if you leave out details you may come across as rushed and this may scare off potential customers from calling you.

When advertising your services always give details about your license, qualifications, or experience. Many customers will check your references, so be sure to give valid information when asked. So if you have never build installed a kitchen cabinet do not claim you can. Any hesitation from the customer will simply give you a bad name, so always be truthful with regards to your skills.

Many tradespeople do not describe their services fully, they simply type out any old advert with a telephone number for more information, this will not create a good impression and from our statistics our users simply move on to the categories and keep searching for another business to call.

Finding your advertising niche

If you are a builder you need to be involved in the correct niche markets for builders across the internet, these include forums, websites dedicated to construction or any database that can sell your services online. is a great website that allows you to list and have your services matched to potential customers.

Any painters, plumbers, electricians, or auto mechanics should do the same, finding where you belong on the internet is the hardest part - after that step you should feel comfortable answering forum questions and even making connections with potential customers.

Why do I need a tradesman?

Many customers think that home repairs and maintenance are something fun and do not even require your services, it becomes your job to convince these people that without your help they will never get the job done properly. You have the upper hand, your knowledge can actually save the customer time and money, and many homeowners understand that already but often need further convincing. These issues can also be resolved by indicating your training, certificates and any accreditations you may have.

Your advertising message should also provide details about materials and machines used, your availability dates, and how to arrange a meeting with you. After all these simple tips always keep in mind not to bombard the potential customer with industry specific talk, this will mostly scare off your potential clients and alienate someone who may not understand what you are talking about.

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I love to help people advertise their business, we have been using to promote our business for many years, and we highly reccomend this website for anyone needing some free advertising.

It also helps for marketing a website. So simply add your business.

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