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Free Mobile Phone Tracker - Tracesaver
United Kingdom - West Sus
TraceSaver is compatible with Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

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Completely FREE app and web site to track your phone location and whereabouts 24-7. Default periodic track mode to record your position at regular intervals across the day. Continuous track mode to show location every 0.5m, for tracing road journeys or when cycling any route.

Focused end-to-end solution providing exceptional use cases such as emergency search and locate your kids, track your vehicles or employees 24-7, find your stolen or lost handset, record and store your whereabouts for each day over past week or month.

Extra information about your business?

Robust and secure, industry quality web site with full privacy of your location and phone measurements. Ability to register multiple phones to the same account. Full history view to see your whereabouts last week or last month. Detailed summary of your call usage and service quality (coverage, data speeds, 2G-3G services etc) provided by your mobile network operator. Instant summary views of

Full call history
Call Budget Planner
Top Locations Summary
Called Number Summary
Your Network Coverage

Map View on your mobile to see current location with key spot facts. Intelligent collection apps with fully transparent operation with no noticeable impact upon battery or phone usage.
Full Route History for Past Days

Where was I 2 weeks ago? Which route did I take when I last travelled to a particular destination? Simply select any past date to see your journey and whereabouts on any past day.
Your Call Facts

Unhappy with your mobile network service provider? Find out whats really going on! View your key phone statistics now - calls made, ped calls, no coverage and more.
Real-time View on Staff or Vehicles

Manage your business with greater efficiency. Instant daily reports and route views for all mobiles. 24/7 accurate information on all vehicles or staff for arrival/departure of locations.
Worldwide Travel Tracking

Full operation in any country. Replay your tourist trip whilst abroad. GPS location details available worldwide and your journey abroad will be tracked and saved as at home.
On-Phone Viewing

Show your location on the phone at any time. Track your route continuously whilst driving along any route. Select to see key location details at current point. Satellite and road map backdrops available.
Know what your kids are doing

With tracesaver installed on your kids mobiles, you can feel safe in the knowledge that youll always know where they are. You never know when you might want to log in to see where your family were in the past hour. Effective emergency protection!
Track your phone if it gets stolen

With precise GPS tracking, your phones location is trackable if it ever gets stolen, or even simply lost. Accidentally left your phone on the train? Simply log in and see where your phone is now.
Fully Mark Your Route

Running a marathon, marking a cycling event or progress tracking a car or train journey simply use the Android map mode to continuously record all of your position details. Speed of travel and full location-time marked positions.
Track Multiple Handsets Family or Business

Register as many handsets as you like to the same e-mail address. Display location and call events for any of those handsets. Taxi firms can track cab locations. See your family members locations.

How do people contact you?

To install the Tracesaver App on your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for Tracesaver.
Alternatively, follow this link ( on your iPhone to go directly to Tracesaver in the App Store. Once the App Store has located the App, tap the Free button, then tap the Install button to download and install the App.

To install the Tracesaver app on your Android phone, go to the Android Market and search for Tracesaver.
Alternatively, follow this link (s:// on your Android phone to go directly to Tracesaver in the Android Market.

To download the Tracesaver app for BlackBerry, go to BlackBerry App World and search for Tracesaver.
Alternatively, follow this link ( on your BlackBerry to go directly to Tracesaver in BlackBerry App World.

To install the Tracesaver app on your Symbian phone, go to the OVI store on your phone and search for Tracesaver. There will be two Tracesaver applications displayed - the first app (top one) is the utility and it is used for auto-starting the main app (bottom one), please install both parts.

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if we install tracesaver on the phone how can we check the location of this person? Because the website doesnt exist anymore.


Your program can not run in Japan because the government is very restrict. It very hard to download your program in this country like Japan epecially. "Free Advertising Online"