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Increase your web traffic and encourage return visitors. More than 2-billion people worldwide believe in horoscopes. In the U.S. alone, more than 70-million people check their horoscopes daily. offers a free daily Lovescope and Special Message for your visitors. Our Lovescopes update automatically at midnight (based on your visitors timezone). Once installed, you dont have to do anything else... except enjoy the increased web traffic you receive by offering the best Lovescopes on the internet. You can get the code by copying and pasting this link into your browser window:!freelovescopesforyourwebsite/cn1p

Give a web developer job description?

Our free service will increase visitors to your site. Once youve installed the simple, copy-and-paste code, you wont have to do anything else. We update our Lovescopes each day at midnight, and for your benefit, the timezone is based on your visitors location.

What tools and software do you use as a developer?

The code is a simple iframe that you install on one of your websites pages. How it works is that you copy-and-paste the short code we provide into your webpage... and thats it! You (and your visitors) will love our simple-to-use service! You can get the code by copying and pasting this link into your browser window:!freelovescopesforyourwebsite/cn1p

Any tips for people about web sites?

Our free service will boost both new and repeat visitors to your website... mobile users as well. The reason that our Lovescopes update based on your visitors timezone is so that whether your market is local or worldwide, you can offer them up-to-date information. Always!

What SEO tips can you give us?

Content is very important. No one will hear your message unless there is a reason for them to visit your site. We offer that gateway by providing the ONLY Daily Message, and the best horoscopes on the internet. Once you install the code, you receive both... and they are free! Unlike other professional horoscope services, you will not have to pay thousands to receive the updates, nor will you have to pay a programmer to install them to your site. We have a simple copy-and-paste code.

What web developer certifications do you have?

No formal certifications, but we run a successful online psychic business. We have earned hundreds-of-thousands of the highest (5-star) ratings from our clients. They leave feedback based on accuracy and professionalism, and receive no compensation for their ratings, nor comments. is simply the best... because we make our clients needs our first priority!

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