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How can a business get free advertising on facebook , how can you boost your company online without paying for it, is facebook a good source of free advertising. This article looks at the ways and means you can use your facebook profile to create a movement and get web promotion for free using facebook.

* Never spam or youll be banned

No spam please, we dont support spam, we acutally hate spammers and dont condone using facebook in an un-ethical way.

* Facebook facts

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, it grows everyday, a half a million new users per day [thats crazy] with a total of 500 million users worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg was just named Times person of the year for his contribution to the online world and changing how people around us and share information.

* Business Upfront

Your account should be business upfront and party in the back, this translates to your ability to promote yourself and your business online. Facebook is great for business and if you already have 1000 friends you are on the right track to exposing your business online. Facebook is a social network but its has all the tools available to be a driving force for meeting new people, starting groups and promoting your business with friends online.

* Build a community around your business group

Start a group that is aimed at your company or business services, you can even use your company name. Invite your friends to join and encourage them to invite theirs. Your facebook group can become a public entity for disussions or a private group with strict rules about posting and spam. You can use your group to make announcements, promote your products or even list your website link.

* Dont be afraid to browse other groups.

Facebook is about being social right, and there are millions of users on facebook who may need your services, if you dont look for them and communicate with them your wasting this wonderfull social network.

* Use the Business and Fan Page

Fan Page allows you to create a business only page with a great deal of settings that allow you to open your business page up to the world far beyond just your current list of friends.

Fan Page can be used to create additional hype, they allow polls and questions, you can post videos and publish events to your page.

* Facebook payed ads

If you have some money to burn you can try face book advertising at This Allows you to Reach Your Target Customers connect with more than 500 million potential customers, Control Your Budget and adjust your daily budget at anytime [much like google adwords]

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