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South Africa has a thriving economy with various sectors needing free advertising, where can you get free advertising for your small business in south africa? Is you business in need of some forms of marketing, advertising and promotions. I hope to list some of the best websites that allow advertising, classifieds and online promotions online.

Whether you want to sell you car, post a property or just get your website links posted for free i have put some ideas together to get free online advertising in south africa. You are also welcome to post your classifieds, we are not only a business advertising website, we allow all forms of advertising on this website. South Africa has a vast online market place, it has a large base of willing buyers and sellers. South Africans is a leader in Africa and you owe it to yourself to advertise your south african products for free.

Looking for South African business owners!

Post your South African business online here, this is also open to international business owners and websites.

We need any kind of business people, website owners, small business services and your products for sale. You may want to advertise a new startup or an established South African business online.

What do I get for free?

After you Add a Business your Advert will appear on our home-page.
You then get viewed by our many South African and International visitors.
You will receive a password so that you can view any messages or edit your advert.

You can remove your business ad at any time.

Is this free

Yes, this is free online advertising in South Africa, we have some businesses that have been online for years, they are constantly being viewed by people looking for a specific product/ service. So please post your business ad today!

Our only request is that you publish a well written, good quality ad. Type something nice about your business, when you were established, what you sell, what services you can provide. The more you type the better for our website users.

More South African Classified Sites!

Classifieds Site in South Africa
Post your jobs, items for sale, real estate for sale and your services at olx.

Another Free Classifieds Site
Huge website, good visitors and a large collection of categories, this is a top classifieds and advertising website in south africa , its very easy to post your ads and return and post more ads on this site.

Free Classifieds at
Vottel is a large community of buyers and sellers, and a good source of free ads, this site has just under 600 categories of information.

Craigslist South Africa
Nice site, easy to use and very popular all over the world, now we get this service in a local south african verion. Great advertising and traffic to ads.

Junkmail Ads
Site has a very high ranking from google and alot of people use junkmail across south africa to sell goods and services and post business services online, very large south african market place !

Free Advertising for business
Good traffic, quick and free advertising in south africa and the world. Your ads are posted on the homepage as soon as you post ! Add a Business in South Africa

South Africans with Websites

There are many small businesses across the country that could not exist without their websites. A recent study shows that there 457,000 business owners have a website and at least a quarter of them would find it hard to continue operating in South Africa without one.

This leads to my next point about advertising, these business operators all need a formal place to advertise, a platform to trade online and to convert web users into clients. The importance of advertising in South Africa has never been this clear and it continues to growth on a monthly basis.

Do south africans use the internet?

South African has about 5.2 million active internet users as of March 2012, this number is growing as more small business owners and private individuals obtain a sufficient internet connection. There are various SMEs in South Africa that are getting high speed internet and this should boost the internet as a primary place to do business.

What type of advertising are South Africans looking for online, well I did some research into this question and found some surprising results. The following search terms are being search across South Africa.

Free advertising: Searched 1900 times per month.

Free Advertising Sites Searched 880 times per month.

Classifieds: Searched 4,400 times per month.

Free Ads: Searched 1,900 times per month.

To summaries, South Africans search about 6,600 times a month for the term "Free Advertising", the global number is closer to 110,000 and South Africans make up a good percentage of that statistic. Online advertising has expanded into a viable source of business, the market has moved from the morning paper to your favorite classified website, if your business is operating in South Africa we want to hear about you.

Can you write about any advertising techniques you use?

Our ability to allow south africans and others all across the world to advertise their business for free, South Africa is a diverse market, the business people in this country offer quality products, we would like to showcase South Africa and its business people all across the world!

These ads are available to every city of South Africa!

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How do you mean its free when you want to charge R 1500 p m?

Hi, there is no charge on Boostasite, Im not sure where you read R1500 , maybe on some other link you were looking at. You can simply click Add My Business
What are the requirements on posting a business ad,do I need a website?

Hi I would like to advertise my Payday Loans company in Johannesburg,how do I go about it and which format must be used and the requirements thank you

Hi, I would like to advertise my Payroll company in Johannesburg, there is no payroll option under finance. Is there somewhere else I could find this option under categories. Thank you

We have launched a new product and may only sell in Africa, we are really battling to get it out there. I have advertised on free advertising sites but to no avail. Its an App that allows one to do his her own Utility meter reading, I normally advertise under Services , is that perhaps were i am going wrong?

How to post an ad..Can I advertise my website in SA?

Yes.. Simply post your business for free.. You can ad your website
Good day
How do you register on your site. Kind Regards

You simply [add your business], anyone from South Africa or any country can add their business.
Hi..I want to know how i do register

U dont really have to Register, click Add my Business and Start.
Do you have any statistics regarding advertising in South Africa, do many people use this site to advertise, if so what South African cities are mostly using this option?

Hi Daniel, we get visitors from all over South Africa, and I think about 35 percent of our visitors are from South Africa, Other countries Include the United States and the UK.

As for your question regarding what cities are using our free advertising site, I can report the following list of cities that we get most of our business ads from:
Cape Town
Mitchells Plain
Port Elizabeth

That is where our target markets are in South Africa
Hello I come from Cape Town, is this site popular in Cape Town?

Yes we have many businesses that are placing advertisements from Cape Town, most people are using the site for public promotion of some product or service.
Hi phelim , Im not sure, I used boostasite, you can boost your ad everyday back to number 1, they have many categories to choose from so im sure you will find a place to advertise. Just click Add a Business.

You can advertise your business online for free, simply click add my business.

Im interested in finding out more about free websites or cost effective websites that I can advertise my husbands business on.
He is a treefellerand Im his partner in this business, we have been operating for 4 yrs. North and West of Johannesburg, our only form of advertising thus far has been in a small local pamphlet which reaches roughly 30 000 households, for R1000 a month the response in these handful of suburbs has been pretty good, for 2 reasons, this pamphlet advertises a number of service providers, no 2 are the same, we are currently the only Treefellers in this pamphlet, which accounts for the excellent response. But there are many other areas that this pamphlet is not distributed to, and we are missing out on a whole other market. Which is why Im looking at web advertising, and the most cost-effective way toi do it.

I want to advertise my business in your website

The Coffee Recycling House is a company that recycles coffee grounds for your garden. While diverting waste from landfill, recycled coffee grounds help to add nitrogen and potassium to compost and to the soil. In an effort to reduce unemployment the company has seen an opportunity to pull together men and women who are unemployed to collect and process used coffee grounds. With the proceeds the company will also feed the homeless in ious places with a warm meal once a month. Help us reduce unemployment. Use our ground coffee as fertiliser in your garden. 1kg = R30.
Contact: Vel on 071 039 4405
Looking for a reliable company to pack your commodities? We are just the right company for you? We contract pack dried sugar beans, soy beans, and any type of dried beans as well as nuts. We pack any pack up to 5kgs in plastic bags. We are based in Midrand, Johannesburg. Please call us on: 0710394405.

I would like to advertise my business for free,what are the requirements and the format it should be?Thanks "Free Advertising Online"