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The british economy is the largest of the UK, advertising budgets are down. Where can you get free advertising in london without spending money? I hope to help you advertise your business in a few easy steps. The Global financial crisis has hit the UK hard, advertising is becoming far more expensive in 2011. Many companies are moving to setup business advertising solutions online. If you are looking for free advertising in the UK, you can follow the steps below. Any business in London, or the UK is welcome to post ads.

Step 1. Post your business for free here - When you select your country, select UK and type London as your region!

Step 2. Select a Category that your business would fall under. If your an attorney, select laywers, if your a consultant You guesed it Select [consultants]. Just try post under the correct category please.

Step 3. Tell us all about your small business, give our users some information about your business and what kind of services you offer. Click Publish, there your ad is live!

Step 4. Get your password emailed to you from the site, this will happen once you post your ad.

Step 5. Login to your account, from there you can answer some optional questions about your business, give us your best products or tell people more about your company.

Facts about the UK

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the UK, contributing £80 billion to the economy. It employs just under 2 million full-time employees. The largest tourist attraction is London, of course.

England remains a key player in the aerospace engineering, defences, pharmaceutical and and the chemical industries. England also has two of the strongest economical areas in the EU within its borders.

Your ads will appear on our home-page automatically so Post your business for free here -

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I am one of the admin at, we strive to help you create your business profile, and get more exposure for your business. We welcome all websites and business owners, we hope this site can help you get the most out of your online advertising campaign.

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