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Many people may be wondering, where can I get free advertising for my business? This site is the best place to start. We have been providing free advertising to small and medium sized business owners for many years.

Effective online advertising

We are not your average advertising website, our methods are effective, we have various visitors from 160 countries including the USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia and many others. Our web users expect free advertising and that is what we provide. Our main goal was to create a "Free" platform that allowed the average business or website owner to get some advertising online.

Worldwide there is a growing demand for quick and easy advertising, people do not want to wait for information or even purchace a newpaper to scan the classifieds, they would prefer to post ads online or browse for goods and services on a website. This gives them a cost free alternative to advertising and marketing their services online.

How to get free advertising for my business

The first step is to simply place your business online here. From there you can choose a category that fits your business and describe what you offer, what services you provide and what your website link it for further information.

Please submit good quality information, badly written ads are removed by the system and our website users will hardly be interested in your business if it is not described well. After you have posted your business it will appear at the very top of the "Newest Ads" on our home-page. When another person posts a free ad your business will be pushed to the second spot and so on.

Where else will my business be displayed?

You may be wondering what happens to your ad once it goes off the home-page? Well your ad stays on the home-page until sixteen ads have been published after you, your ad will also be seen in your chosen category, it should stay at number one for at least a few hours or days in your chosen category.

Will my business get visitors?

From our experience every business that has a website gets a high number of visitors, some ads on this website have upwards of 200 people clicking their websites and viewing their services, others have less than 100 clicks, either way you cannot really loose by spending some time and creating your business page.

How popular is has been operating for 4 years, the past 6 months has seen massive growth especially in the United States. We are ranked in the Top 4 for "Free Advertising" and we also get various referals from the many ads that are posted daily. The average vistor to this site is online for 5 minutes and will return at least 3 times to use our services again.

Where do I post my Business?

Start your business ad here!

Please select the proper category for your business, if you are a builder, post under builders! It is also advisable to upload a picture, it just makes your ad look better, if you are for example selling a car, please upload a picture of the car.

Why should people choose you?

We are rapidly growing into a viable source of free advertising and marketing, many of the people using boostasite are website owners, others are small business operators that are looking for a place to find more clients.

We serve the advertising industry as an alternative to paid advertising - our ads are 100 percent free and we offer users the option to boost their site back to number 1 at any time. This means your ad will remain first as long as you come back and boost your ads back from your ad settings page.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

We have grown from 10 visits a day to over 500 visitors daily, our traffic is on the rise and we are seeing far more visitors return to boost their business back to number 1.

Who are you targeting?

We are targeting small business owners and websites, including start up enterprise. Experts have said that most companies spend between 4 and 5 percent on their advertising budget, if you are a small to medium sized business or an online business you may not have that type of capital at your disposal, thats why we started Boostasite so companies could have an extra forum to list their services.

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Shaun at Boostasite
I am one of the admin at, we strive to help you create your business profile, and get more exposure for your business. We welcome all websites and business owners, we hope this site can help you get the most out of your online advertising campaign.

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