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How do you get advertising for your brand new blog? If your a blogger you need to break into your niche market right ! Is there a place to put your new website online, I hope to answer some of these questions and more. Post your blog here

Its all good to start a blog of [somedomain] that deals with [some issue] that people will be interested in but the more important is who will read your blog and how do you market and advertise your blog?

There are a few problems, if your content is good it would be a shame that nobody finds or reads your information, and if your content is bad dont worry its hard to get noticed anyway. When i say noticed i mean google sending you traffic, this may seem simple since google sees all right, well yes and no, depending on your content and the value of your website , google may register your articles quickly or slowly.

Some Tips for Blog Advertising !

1. If you started your own website, be patient. Your articles will not be crawled and indexed on Google straight away [especially in the first few months].

2. If you can, find other websites [like this one] and other directories and forums where you can post your links and ideas, especially your blogs URL.

3. Write everyday , keep publishing fresh new ideas. The better your writing the more valuable your blog becomes. This includes reseaching facts you may use in your articles and making sure your grammer is correct.

4. Titles should be catchy, if you can try name your articles with absolutely unique sounding sentences, ie. A blog article called [Fincancial Advice] is far less satisfying then [How to fincance your ferrari] The more specific your titles, the more likely google will register and place your article higher.

5. Advertise, then advertise more. Your blog is only as effective as your advertising and marketing allows it to be , keep joining forums, classified direcorys, free advertising sites, social media and keep making connections with others who may need what your offering.

Use Social Media some more, starting groups on various websites can boost your followers, i have 2000 twitter followers without to much hassel.

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