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3. Match those two currencies.

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What Finance News should everyone know about?

Six out of 10 of us dont know this, according to Aqua credit cards. Yet a poor credit score makes it difficult or even impossible to get a competitive mortgage, loan or credit card. Find out yours for a £2 fee from credit reference agencies Equifax, Experian or Callcredit.

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

There is something uniquely human about the way many of us mishandle money, particularly when its received unexpectedly. Whether its a bequest from a long-forgotten uncle, an unexpected court settlement, or a sweepstakes winning, suddenly coming into a stash of cash can unhinge any of us. Every day the media reports the misery befalling citizens who previously struck it lucky, but then fell on hard times.

We chuckle over poor Joe Slidebuck who pocketed a $3.8 million lottery winning just two years ago and is now filing in bankruptcy. We also shed a crocodile tear for Suzy Highstep whose palimony settlement a few years back slipped a cool bundle into her savings account, but whose Jaguar is now being repossessed. Of course, we breathe a collective sigh of relief that the misfortune is not ours, while wondering if we might have fared better under similar circumstances. For various reasons, many persons cant handle a windfall.

Can you offer any investment advice?

Most financial planners are investment advisers, but not all investment advisers are financial planners. Some financial planners assess every aspect of your financial life—including saving, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning—and help you develop a detailed strategy or financial plan for meeting all your financial goals.

Others call themselves financial planners, but they may only be able to recommend that you invest in a narrow range of products, and sometimes products that arent securities.

Before you hire any financial professional, you should know exactly what services you need, what services the professional can deliver, any limitations on what they can recommend, what services youre paying for, how much those services cost, and how the adviser or planner gets paid.

Can you get finance with bad credit?

Probably not. Most dealers dont finance themselves they arrange a loan for you through a bank they deal with. They might be able to exert some influence with the bank to give you a loan if your credit was marginal but not if you have bad credit. Its the bank who would take your back and they dont want your back, they want your money. The problem is that you would still owe the cost of repossession plus you will owe the difference between what you owe and what is resold for. They usually lose money even when they take back. Repossession is a last resort.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

A fee structure lets customers or clients know what to expect when working with a particular business. Potential customers should always examine a companys fee structure to make sure they find it satisfactory before deciding to do business with them.

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