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Financial Statistical Services
United States - Los Angeles
Welcome to Bobstats Consulting.We Undertake independent calculations in Statistics,Accountancy and Finance regarding your business and advise on methods of improving performance.We also advise on investments in tax free offshore jurisdictions like Cayman Islands and Bermuda amongst many other consultancy services.We invite you to visit our website for more details and look forward to your email today.

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What should people know about finance?

Financial princicipals are measurable and penultimate calculations are necessary for making good decisions in finance.

How can a person make good financial decisions?

Getting the relevant information before undertaking financial decisions.

What mistakes does the average peson make?

He makes uninformed decisions and often out of influence from others and the need to make money quickly.

Do you have any advice about loans and finance?

Yes,We can give penultimate loan calculations and thereby provide the actual cost of debt finance or overdrafts.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

We offer project based fee structure such that our clients already know how much they shall spend for any kind of ysis.Some analysis are pretty simple requiring less expertise and time and these cost less compared to more complex,difficult and time consuming assignments.In both cases we evaluate before and give the exact fee the client shall pay.

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