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South Africa - Cape Town
the new improved and innovative urinal mat. Eliminate the old deo block and go with our bio degradable fragrance mat that assist with splash back, eliminates odours, prevents debris in the drain system, longer lasting and helps our environment and is cost effective in the long run.

What cleaning services do you offer?

Not a cleaning service, a cleaning solution. Assisting staff members that can eliminate cleaning time and be productive by just removing and replacing a pmat. Offering clientele and staff a fragranced bathroom.

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

Bacteria is a terrible germ that is all over, i also offer a cleaning product, not a chemical to assist by spraying live bacteria onto the effect area, this bacteria then will eliminate the bad bacteria by releasing the correct enzymes to accomplish its task. ODORITE

What products and items do you clean with?

we have the following solution
waste - smoking poles and stations
bathroom - hand soap dispenser, air freshner units etc
recycling - out door and indoor dustbin solutions
mopping solutions - pulse mop

Extra information about your business?

Our company is small, but we strive for customer and personal satisfaction, we go the extra mile. We offer a free delivery service in the Western Cape region on our delivery days in that area. We have all the business requirements in order to supply any company, VAT Compliant, BEE Certificate, etc etc.

How do people contact you?

We are only a phone call, email, web enquiry away. Louise or Sylvia will assist you with any enquiry on price and product information you can come up with. We would like to put our product out there to benefit you.

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