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Free fax to email - receive your 086 number by visiting the website and clicking on the sign up page - this will take you too a page were you will fill in all your details and submit and then receive your number which u may use always . take care - not chances - its free - its easy to use .

What skills do you need as an Entrepreneur?

To be a good entrepenuer- firstly u need to visilise your road to success which can only be perfected by u , your loyalty , hard work and the blessing from the almighty - may almighty bless all -rich and poor - AMEN

Did you study, or have you learnt your skills?

In life we need both we need our studies and then to implement what we have leant thus taking us on the road we initially visilised , added to this is the knowledge nad experince we pick up which nobody can teach u .

What is the next big thing in your opinion?

The biggest thing in any opinion is many forget that the opinion u used actually belongs to u and will always belong to u and cannot be used by another until u are paid in full for the price u offer - makes u think does it not ????

How does a person create good entrepreneurial ideas?

Good entrepneurial ideas come from within a person - we are all gifted - some are gifted with knowledge other with labour force within them , no matter which it is the ideas are with us , all we have to do is forward it to all - thus createing a healthy world .

Describe any entrepreneurial skills you have?

Entrepeneurials skill within me that have come out -different from sales to creativity to advising and uplifted of mankind by giving opportuinites and not hand outs , use what is given to u and u will move in the path you have visialised and created for yourself within your own opinion.

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