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Explorers Inn Lodge
Peru - Tambopata, Madre de Dios
The Inn is located within the 274,690-hectare Tambopata National Reserve, one of the worlds most species-richbiodiverse natural protected areas and the meeting point of three distinct biomes: lowland tropical rainforest, cloudforest and humid tropical savannah and extensive palm swamps. The scene of numerous biodiversity world records —including the sighting of 620 bird species around the Inn — the reserve provides unrivalled opportunities to observe Amazonian wildlife up close and personal.

Whether you are an experienced research scientist or simply want to experience tropical rainforest for the first time, the Explorers Inn is the place for you. Visit us and wake to the roars of howler monkeys and the numerous melodies of the resident caciques that nest in the palms beside the bungalows. Spend the day walking jungle trails and paddling across oxbow lakes as tiny saddleback tamarin monkeys leap through the forest canopy, and precocious giant river otters fish for their breakfastand black caimans bask by the banks. Relax and watch the sun set over the swirling waters of the Tambopata River as brightly-colored macaws and oropendolas fly overhead on route to their roosting sites

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The Explorers Inn has a total of 70 beds in single, double and triple bedrooms spread out in a series of thatched bungalows, built on raised platforms to protect from flooding. Each bedroom has a porch, complete mosquito netting, and a private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin. The fruit trees scattered around the Inn, along with some native plants and flowers in the lodge itself attract an assortment of butterflies, birds, insects and mammals. Together with the dispersed nature of the accommodation, visitors can thus witness a fascinating array of Amazonian wildlife without even leaving the Inn. The main lodge building, which includes the dining room, bar and reception, is built around a living ironwood tree, known as shihuahuaca by local people who believe the species to be sacred. The Inn also houses a laboratory, enabling much of the biodiversity research that has helped to make us famous over the years.

But the most important thing about the lodge is its stunning setting at the confluence of the La Torre and Tambopata Rivers, 40 long miles upriver from the bustling frontier town of Puerto Maldonado, in the province of Madre de Dios. Within easy walking distance of the Inn lies Cocococha, a peaceful oxbow lake. The undisturbed ecosystem here supports a family of giant river otters along with other endangered species such as black caimans.

Bird life is particularly prolific 620 species have been recorded in the area immediately surrounding the Inn — an all-comers record. You will not cease to be amazed by the variety and colors, whether you are a professional ornithologist or a rainforest neophyte. Walking our extensive network of trails is an experience never to forget encounters of various monkey species are common, and you have a good chance of glimpsing other mammals such as peccaries, agoutis, anteaters and coatis. Very occasionally, lucky guests at the Inn have even sighted jaguars, arguably the rainforests most magnificent as well as its most elusive inhabitants.

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Paulo C. Burneo
Community manager
in the
Alcanfores 459 - Miraflores
Lima 18 - Peru
Phone: (51 1) 447 8888
Cel: 998166203
Web Site:

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