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We are providing entrepreneur help to all small business owners, place your business online for free and show others your entrepreneurial guts. This is a free forum for business people to post their products and services. We do not charge any fees for using this website, we only require you to post a well written description about your small business.

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A high number of entrepreneurs never get their product financed, many ventures fail due to lack of investment and cash flow problems. Although there are various plans in place in the USA to support entrepreneurs, many small and micro enterprises fail within a few months of being started.

We created this website to allow small and medium sized business people to advertise themselves at no cost. Our hope was to create a network of business people who could get their products and services online and available to anyone who may be looking for them.

Problems getting finance.

A major hurdle for small business owners is access to finance, some can never qualify for a loan from the bank and they are forced to borrow money from family or use their own personal finances. There are a number of reasons they cannot obtain financing:

- The economic crisis is still being felt today all over the world, this leaves many small businesses with even more barriers to financial aid.

- Lending firms are very cautious when it comes to new ideas and contributing to the unknown.

- Bad business plans are very common, the entrepreneur may have a great idea but has not done enough research into its feasibility.

- Various small lending institutions have gone bust, this usually means there are more entrepreneur looking for less available capital.

Market Orientation.

Some ventures are able to generate very positive results while others cannot get into the market. With proper investigation you will soon see if your product is viable and worth investing in. If your product is not being received well in the community you may need to rethink your plans feasibility.

If you are sure your idea is worth selling, you need to tailor your product to the specific need of the market. Your product should add value to the current market, it should speak to people and make them speak to others about it.

Use Technology to your aid.

Many small entrepreneur have not yet mastered the world of Technology, they struggle daily with all other forms of advertising and yet they only have to look to the internet to get their products noticed.

To gain a competitive advantage your business must be online, your products must be listed. Various websites can be used to build a network of interested parties. You can start by Adding a Business to this Website and from there you will get some good exposure to your venture.

Good Luck!

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Shaun at Boostasite
I am one of the admin at, we strive to help you create your business profile, and get more exposure for your business. We welcome all websites and business owners, we hope this site can help you get the most out of your online advertising campaign.

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Thanks, I will be listing my business right away, there are no costs involved as I understand you? Is this correct "Free Advertising Online"