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South Africa - bellville
All-in-one solution. Increase office productivity + do more business: FSPhub for Financial Service Providers and BiznizHub for other business owners/professionals. All your work in ONE place, online CRM component and management control. A web-based paperless solution. Contact Neil Maree on 0219142169.

What inspired your Online Business?

Well, the problem is mediocre service. The cause of which is due to a work-overload and way too much paper! We believe in being able to make work-load more efficient, productive and thereby creating faster client response, and increased service levels!

How many visitors do you get daily?

We are still fairly new, so not too many people are yet aware of this wonderful system. We are hoping to change that ASAP! We currently get about +-10 views per day on the website, and of those, possibly one to two interested responses.

Did you attend any Online Business schools or courses?

Our team of developers are very skilled and apt for the task at hand. They all have the necessary qualifications and more! What they may lack in experience, they make up with sheer out-the-box thinking!

What are your long term goals for this site?

We dont believe in selling a product, we believe in providing a partnership where we can assist our clients to be all that they can be and more, in half the time and with the best service rating possible.

What is your most popular product / service?

Its called FSPHub. A online/web based all-in-one system. It is used specifically for the insurance industry, and brokers are able to do twice as much work in the same amount of time. It also allows one a faster re-action time to a clients needs, because all info is available at the click of a button.

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