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Eagle Technology
South Africa - Countrywide
EAGLE TECHNOLOGY brings you the latest in personal communications, specializing in SAMSUNG, CANON, APPLE, ACER, SONY. We search worldwide for the latest laptops, TVs, Mobiles, Tablets, Printers and Cameras. The EAGLE is proud to be highly competitive and all our products carry a full 3 year guarantee.

What new technology articles do you recommend?

ETECH in the world of Technology. Keep updated with the Samsung guides and magazines. Samsung is one of the fastest product groups in technology and will keep you updated on whats new and all the new changes in our hi-tech world. Eagle Technology strives to do that for you, always offering the latest products.

What advice would you give to buyers?

before you shop on price, make sure all the specs are there you need,,,,,and the product has automatic updates. This saves you from upgrading and wasting money. EAGLE TECHNOLOGY only carries the latest and most reliable brands in the industry. Buying any form of communication, it is important to to purchase the latest TOP Brands.

How will New Technology change our lives in the future?

The fast growing new technology is fast becoming our instant access to communication on all levels. In business and on a personal level new technology is allowing us to get things done faster and more efficiently. Setting up your communication tools allows us to have more free time to get on with living to our best.

Who is your target market?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from EAGLE TECHNOLOGY. Our latest products are easier to use and help us to manage the important things in our lives. On a personal level, our products are keeping you in touch instantly with friends and family, and on a business level ETECH helps you finalize fast.

What is your business history?

24 years ago i started in Canon South Africa, moved to Samsung and then went into the hospitality industry upgrading systems with technology to improve the performance and service. The advice and service I offered to the largest Hotel Groups in Europe, Africa and USA.

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My Products / Services
APPLE iphone and IPAD4
APPLE being one of the top brands worldwide, we are offering the latest ipad and iphone as one package. Get them both and you have a great phone, email, internet. Instant communication on all levels. The IPHONE 5s is the latest and one of the most advanced phones on the market, while as we all know, the IPAD4 is the latest and most reliable Tablet on the market. See this in Feb Specials at Eagle Technology.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
My ambition is to find the latest and best technology at the best possible prices I can find world wide. In this day and age, I believe we all need to be able to afford any type of technology. In my worldwide search, I have found highly affordable products for all of us. South Africans are very accepting people and we do accept any price the retailers offer us.....but we dont have to.

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