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South Africa - Johannesburg
We sell a wide range of Tupperware products. All our products are 100% BPA free so you are guaranteed there is no leaching to foods. Our products include Water Bottles, food storage containers, serving dishes and multi purpose bowls that are water tight and airtight keeping your food fresh for longer!
At Oasis Tupperware we recruit demonstrators , should you be interested in joining our sales team and earning extra cash

What is your business goal?

To help people get their moneys worth buying supplying them with a product that has a lifetime guarantee and safe to use with the increase of the time the family spend away from home all over South Africa. The Oasis Tupperware group would also like to recruit new Tupperware demonstrators to reinforce a strong sales team.

What is your business history?

I started selling Tupperware as a Tupperware Demonstrator last year January. I have been promoted as a Unit manager now, I have eight people in my unit who are dedicated to selling and demonstrating Tupperware products. We have continued to give our clients the best service over time and we are a very active group.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

There has been a lot of imitations on the market, so if the product is not written that it is Tupperware then it is not Tupperware. our product are guaranteed for a lifetime against chipping, peeling, splitting, stress, and cracking if used in a non commercial environment.

What are your long term goals?

over time I would like to see the Oasis Tupperware group grow into a Distributorship. We have set goals for ourselves that each individual takes it upon themselves to continue to recruit and sell Tupperware products and continue to climb up the ladder and receive recognition in our business.

What is your most popular product / service?

The most popular products are Thats a Bowl, ON-The-Go Drinking Bottles Legacy soup servers, Expressions Tip Top Pitcher,On-the-Go Luncher, Carry Away High,Signature Line Square set, Stor n Freeze Set,Decorator Canister (11L),Packet Organiser and Bread Server. All these products can be viewed on our website.

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My Products / Services
Mystery Pack
Our Tupperware Mystery pack contains Tupperware products valued at R380 and if you buy a Mystery pack you get a FREE Shopping Bag and 2X 1Litre water Bottles. This is ideal for chistmas gifts for individuals and companies that want to recognise certain individuals.
This is also a great gift for your mother in law, mother, sister , cousin or aunt.
Take your loved ones buy surprise this Christmas by getting them this mysterious gift!

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