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Diva in a Dash
South Africa - Roodepoort
Slimming, Beauty, Photography.
Bio Sculpture Nails
Laser lipo and Fir Sauna for weight loss.
Photographing events, weddings, baby showers, parties,couples almost anything you can think of.
We have a wide range of Slimming and beauty products
s for the ultimate relaxation.
Image consulting.

Whare is your most popular Salon service?

Laser Lipo

Can you give tips for woman about staying young and healthy?

Drink lots of water, eat healthy, spoil yourself and know that you are beautiful!

What questions do most women ask you?

Why is Bio sculpture good for my nails?
I bite my nails, now what?
How many cms can I lose with Laser lipo?
What can I use for dry skin?
What clothes must I wear for my body type?

Who is your target market?

Anyone and everyone.

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My Products / Services
Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna
Laser lipo used for rapid loss of cms.
Pain free, this is the easiest way to lose cms.

Results can be seen immediately after treatment.

How it works:
Pads are strapped on to the target area, and you relax.
After the treatment you will be wrapped in slimming gel or a chilli wrap.
You will now go sit in the sauna.

The laser target fat cells creating a chemical reaction to open pores of the fat cell membrane.
It converts the contained triglycerides info free fatty acids & glycerol.
These molecules can then be easily pass through the pores in the cell wall to be taken up & transported by the bodys Lymphatic system for metabolism into energy.

40 minutes lipo

Benefits of FIR Sauna:
Reduce stress
Skin benefits
Pain relief
Improve immune system

20 - 40 minutes in Fir sauna.

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