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With the large number of websites in the world it has become very difficult to get market share and without a well designed website this can be impossible.

Online marketplaces

The web has expanded into a hugely popular online marketplace, your website should be apart of this new expansion just as it should be an extention of your business. Your website should match your business identity and offer quick and easy information about your business.

Brand your website as some entity or service

Remember what google said, [Do one thing and do one thing well] all this really means is that advertisers and webmasters should focus their energies on a single ideas linked to one single website. Your website should be about a single topics and offer a single service [by single i mean fill one area of the consumer market]

Dont forget your content!

Your web content should be engaging and usefull, there is no point in offering information about [new energy solutions] when all your articles are outdated or stale. Your website should be like one large book of valuable information.

Your clients are not always internet geeks

Keep it simple, alot of website users are not power users and may find your website controls and interface overwhelming. Dont provide too many links or options when they are not needed.

Control your website

Websites are usually open and interactive mediums , however some forms of interaction should be stamped out. Your users should feel in control of their user accounts and options but should never be able to spam your site with junk content.

Remember your bounce rate.

Your bounce rate is a Google term that states the amount of visitors who leave your site without really clicking any links or viewing any pages, a high bounce rate is not always good for your sites reputation. I would say a bounce rate of around 30 - 40 is ok. Hope this helps. Cheers

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