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What job interview tips can you help with?

Research the company. Get familiar with the office portal you receive (how to check your sales, when your commission checks are mailed). Get familiar with your website (how to search plans, dentist, how to read the charts) so you can tell your customers how to get precisely the plan they need

What qualifications would you recommend

This program was initially developed for insurance agents but has been so successful, we have made it available to anyone who wants to sell a quality product and earn great commissions. Upon registering, when you are asked for your license number, your social security number will be just fine.

You are qualified if you want to help others save money

How can one improve their skills for this position?

Get familiar with their free website and benefits of dental plans offered. Utilize Cooperative Marketing Agreement offered in office portal to reach out to organizations. Attend training web conferences

Can you provide information about the employer? is a subsidiary of, the biggest discount dental seller in the nation. In business for 10+ years, we have relationships with Universities, Chambers of Commerce and a number of businesses and organizations. We sell individual, family and group plans

What should help secure this position?

You can go to the link provided,, and select JOIN DP BROKERS at the left on the main dashboard. On the next page enter referral code 7926NE. Fill out the information and you are all set. In the section for your license number, your social security number will be fine.

You can leave the license type at series 7.

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Business Owner's Profile
Neville Marriott
Neville A. Marriott
6614 23rd Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20782
Phone: 301-422-0756 and 240-413-2400 (mobile)

OBJECTIVE: To continue to utilize my expertise and experience for your company’s benefit while adding to my personal and professional development by working in a goal-oriented environment


15 years of sales and marketing experience
10 years of experience as project manager
A+ Training (computer repair) 2010
Proficient in Microsoft Office Tools


E3 Personnel Chester, PA from October 2013 to Present
Event Consultant

Register event participants
Answer questions related to all facets of event schedule
Maintain awareness of participants needing assistance in any way


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Do you have to pay anthing the DP brokers to get started?

Neville Marriott
no payment required
Neville Marriott
between 25 and 30% of the sale.
Ricky Montanna
What kind of returns can you make doing this?

Neville Marriott
You can make 30 to 35 percent doing this. The least costly plan is $79. "Free Advertising Online"