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DS Mobile Lube
United States - Caldwell
D&S Mobile Lube in Caldwell is now offering refer 4 get one free on all oil changes.
10% off all spark plug services until July 6th. Also offering multi-vehicle discount for businesses, and Military discounts. If you like D&S Mobile Lube on Facebook we are giving away buy one get one free on all headlight restoration services.

Even better when 4 friends come yours is free
Other discounts available! flexible rates!

What kinds of motor-vehicles do you repair?

Ford, Dodge, Honda, Acura, VW, Mazda, Toyota, Buick, Chrysler,Jeep, Chevy, Gmc And More. Gas Or Diesel. All small repairs and Large. Most all maintenance is done at your place of business or home.Come to us and save Money!

What car would you recommend for a first time buyer?

To save Gas on the Highway a Toyota Prius.They are economical and safe. The Prius is very reliable because it is backed by Toyota. Other Options would be the Ford Fusion, KIA Optima, or the Toyota scion.

What do most people do wrong when it comes to running a car?

Oil change Intervals. Many people use their oil Light which can be very unreliable. 2011 and newer vehicles use a point system to calculate the oil change intervals. These light can also be for the transmission or differentials. It is important to inspect every fluid on the vehicle and the owners manual for proper maintenance

How should you service your motor-vehicle?

The Manufactures specifications.

Do you have any tips regarding car insurance?

Using the owners manual or manufactures recommendations are imperative. Owners must also understand the difference between severe (in town driving) and normal driving ( highway driving). This is important to maximize engine life!

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Amsoil Signature Series 25k mile oil changes
Amsoil Americas first synthetic has a solution to all those wasted oil changes. Amsoils signature series is rated for 25,000 miles or once a year. If you do the math you can save a ton of money for example
Your average vehicle holds 5qrts x $10= 50 plus an amsoil Filter your only in $60 for the year!!

Amsoil is full synthetic so it protects against heat better than conventional or blend oils. Improved fuel millage and cold starts.

Plus if you become a distributer you can buy at wholesale and make some money by helping people save money!

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