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Let Us Help You Remove Late Payments, Charge-Offs, Collections, Tax Liens, Public Records, Bankruptcies From Your Credit Profile. We Will Assist You With Negotiations As Far As Settlements With Current Lenders That Are Holding You Back. Well Educate You On How To Build A Good Credit Score By Building Keeping Multiple Good Trade-lines.

What should people know about finance?

They should be aware of how much a bad Credit Profile will affect their lifestyles negatively. Good credit will help everyone to get lower interest rates on credit cards, car loans, insurance, and positive results for job screenings.
A good Credit Profile will even help in living in a better neighborhood.

How can a person make good financial decisions?

A person can make good financial decisions by repairing and building his/her credit, also by creating good relations with all financial institutes. One should open as many accounts to have good trade-lines, and become familiar with all types of credit cards companies.

What mistakes does the average peson make?

The main mistakes the average person makes are one not knowing or pay attention to their personal credit scores.
Often, they do not pay their debts on time, which forces them to pay more interest or end up in collection and lose credit cards priviledges.

Do you have any advice about loans and finance?

1st. of all, one should not even consider a loan if he/she does not have a good plan on how to pay it back.
Loans are very resourceful when properly used. One may get loan to assist him/her with catching up with past due bills, get a vehicle, house or a business loan to start a business just be certain you get the best interest rates and terms.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

We have more than one type of payments, one is $ 500 full payment, two is $ 399 and $ 110 balance due the following month, and three is $ 199 down and $ 39.99 monthly till the balance of $ 350 is paid. Keep in mind, we may different pay structures as time goes by, specially during special occasions.

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Roadside Assistance Package/Offered
* We provide 24/7 roadside service: Towing up to 100 miles

* Travel Assistance Reimbursement: Benefits include up to $ 500 for such as car rental, meals, lodging or transportation due to disabled vehicle due to an accident.

* Credit Cards Protection: If you have become a victim of some loss

* Prescription Drug, Vision Care and Dental Discounts: youll enjoy the savings and various discounts

* Daily Hospital Benefits: Receive $ 150 per day up to 365 conservative day for hospital room and board as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident

Simply make money with us just by helping us spread the word and offer this special program.

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We at Boost Credit 4 Life like to educate our clients on improving their Credit Profile and enjoy seeing them make plenty of money while repairing or building their Credit.
All of our customers are usually quite successful after going through our program.

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Can someone reach all of his her financial goals without taking care of his her Personal Credit Profile without much money? "Free Advertising Online"