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Computer Techs Mobile 24/7
United States - North Charleston
Local IT Services for Small Businesses and Residential.

Specializing in serving your small business Technical Needs.

We like working with other small business owners without trying to get you to sign any contracts or agreements. You call us when you need us. We have been doing it that way since the beginning and will continue to do so.

Can you give a computer technician job description?

We specialize in OS/software issues which is where most problems begin. This slows us to quickly determine whether there is an actual software issue or if some piece of hardware is the culprit. Also we design and build small home/office networks tailored to your needs.

Do you have any computer technician certifications?

CompTIA Certified
DELL Certified
Cisco Certified
Licensed and Bonded

What should people know about the industry?

Shop around. This is a highly competitive industry, but also remember that cheap isnt always better. We warranty ALL of our work. Unlike other businesses we DO NOT MARK UP PARTS. It may take a week or two but we get Wholesale rates and do not jack up the price. If its an emergency we deal with other local vendors to get a replacement as soon as possible.

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I have been a Cisco Network Admin for awhile and have served in the role of systems administrator before as well. I have worked with active directory and WSUS server side and have designed and deployed Three tier and collapsed core Cisco networks featuring both routed and trunked links. I designed the IP schema and VLAN structure for that network. I have worked both LAN and WAN side. On the WAN side I worked with BGP peers and remote firewalls.

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Do you reccomment buying a windows 8 tablet pc for work?


It all depends on what you need it for. For typical desktop publishing and accounting type work, generally your standard PC with Windows 7 will do the trick. If you work in a more mobile fashion, the tablet PC might be of some use to your for presentations and meetings agendas and such. Windows 8 SP1 which is on the horizon is supposedly going to restore the desktop and start menu paradigm, as alot of corporate users have asked for this, including myself. "Free Advertising Online"