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Computer Security Repairs/Online Services
United States - Indianapolis
I provide a variety of computer services worldwide!! My main area of specialty that I love to work in is the security side of technology. This includes removing and protecting your computer from various types of infection such as viruses, worms, malware etc. It also includes keeping your data on your computer secure from hackers and data thieves. I am also running a great special on virus or any other type of computer infection removal for only $70! With this special not only will I remove the virus off of your computer in addition I will install one years antivirus software protection at no additional cost!! This package deal offer is good until the end of July 2013!! I also offer Remote Tech Support (Online Services)!

What is computer security software?

There are many examples of security software it includes but is not limited to:
Good antivirus protection
Antispyware & Anti malware protection
data encryption software
It is basically software that helps prevent damage or theft to your all of your computer data and programs.

How safe is the average persons computer?

The safety of ones computer is dependent upon how well they are protected what type of antivirus software they are using is it up to date software? Is there firewall always enabled. What type of websites do they regularly visit? How strong of password do they have on their computer? These are the top things that the average computer user needs to consider.

What types of threats do you get online?

You can get a variety of threats online
These threats include but not limited too:
viruses, spyware, adware, grayware, trojans, botnets, worms etc. Also if you can get hacked very easily if you do not have good security software and your firewalls configured correctly.

How do you protect against computer viruses?

You must have a good top rated reliable antivirus software program installed on your computer. You must also ensure that this antivirus protection is up to date. You must always schedule it to perform regular scans on your computer and keep your virus definitions up to date for good protection.

What should I do if my computer gets attacked?

If your computer gets attacked by any type of infection or you are getting hacked you should first shutdown your computer completely, unplug or disable your internet and contact a computer specialist like myself so that they can resolve your problem.

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