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Computer Hardware and much much more!!!!!
South Africa - Greater Pretoria Region
We sell just about and all computer hardware, but thats not all. Need software to go with it? We sell it. Need to upscale your businesss IT set up? We do it. Need repairs done to any of your computers? We fix it. Whatever your IT needs ... consider IT solved!!!!!

Please explain some computer hardware basics?

Computer Hardware is the parts which you can physically touch and consist of a MULTITUDE of objects, ranging from RAM to HDD, Monitors, Motherboards, Chipsets, Processors, ROMs, Computer Cases (which also comes in MANY MANY different forms, sizes, shapes and colours and also PSUs and all cabling.

What computer hardware manufacturers exist?

Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, ASROCK, INTEL, AMD. It all depends on what type of peripheral manufacturing you look. There are plenty of hardware manufacturers around. Some of them only manufacture monitors, some only manufacture RAM Memory modules, others, like Gigabyte for example, cover a wider array and they manufacture motherboards, graphic cards and more.

Did you study anything, what skills do you have?

Yes. I studied various certificates starting with the most basic of all ... CompTIA A+. I followed that with CompTIA N+. Afterwards I got certified in a multitude of software as well as hardware disciplines: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, HP All Platforms Specialist, DELL Desktops, DELL Workstations, DELL Laptops, DELL Servers, DELL Blades, DELL PowerVault Back Up Devices, IBM Lenovo Desktops, IBM Lenovo Workstations, IBM Lenovo Laptops, IBM Lenovo Servers and also IBM Lenovo Blades.

Can you provide any client testimonials?

Yes. I can, actually. I have very recently acquired a new client, Corona Motors. They had a horrible struggle with scanning and printing. Only one user seemed to have had the printer and scanner configured upon vendor installation and every single time anything had to be scanned, this specific person had to put all his work on hold and do the scanning. I sacrificed a Saturday, attended on site and when I left every single users machine was configured. Another one of my long term clients, Elby Scrap Metals, closed down, unfortunately, but the list of services rendered to them is endless.

What tech news can you give us the scoop on?

For one ... Samsung Mobile is looking at supporting 64-bit processors, which is a HUGE leap in mobile technology. Then INTEL managed to develop a new type of processor which, essentially, is more than just a processor and is also aimed at the mobile market. You can read a lot more about it by visiting

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My Products / Services
Website Designing
Designing of Websites to customer specifications.Various types of sites can and have been built. Do you require a bare, basic and static site with no animation ... one mainly for information? Not a problem! Or perhaps a more lively site with more pictures and more activity ... slightly more entertaining and a bit more involved than the basic site? Also not a problem. Perhaps you would prefer a site to be used as an online shop? No problem, we custom design and integrate what needs to be integrated and when ... all these are part of the service we render at Compsolve.

Talk to us ... communication is key!

Product Features
General IT Service
Do you require assistance in getting your computer fixed/repaired? We can fix it.

Do you need to upgrade your machine for the purposes of playing the newest games? We can upgrade it.

Do you feel that it is time to enter the marvelous world of computing and own a monster of machine? We can built it. Or perhaps not a monster, but something failry decent? We can build that too.

Own a small business and growing tired of all the paperwork going around and the constant reminder that storage space is getting less and less? We can assist. We can come out, have a look at what we have to work with and work WITH you so as to get you running as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible and at a price as reasonable as possible.

Product Features
Monitors are similiar to motherboards or memory modules or hard drives in the sense of ... there are so any manufacturers out there ... so many different shapes to choose from ... so many different sizes to choose from and then there is also the older (but still VERY relevant) LCD options, the older (but still VERY relevant) Plasma options and then the newest crase amongst displays ... the LED options.

The most popular maufacturers for average displays in the corporate market would definitively be Samsung and Philips. Next to that, you have your vendor specific displays i.e if you purchase an IBM Lenovo workstation, then chances are youll probably take the monitor option available with that Workstation so as to get a bundle-price and service.

Product Features
Motherboards, RAM, HDD, Optical Drives, Software
There are so many Motherboards on the market nowadays and they are also from such a wide variety of manufacturers. We can get you just about any single one you require, provided, of course, that it is not ancient! :-) Whether you are looking at Gigabyte Motherboards, MSI Motherboards, ASUS Motherboards, AMD Motherboards, Foxconn Motherboards ... it really does not matter, we can get you what you need.

Then, obviously, there is also the other components available such as Memory modules in different models and capacities, there are also Hard Drives available from Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate in both 3.5" and 2.5" varying in capcity up to 3TB.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
I have nearly 2 decades worth of experience in General IT issues. I have installed networks, built and installed dekstops, workstations and laptops. I have built and installed servers and I have also supported all those devices on numerous occassions over the years.

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