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Our Letting and Estate Agents services include Property Advertising to Full Property Management Services. Buying Property and Selling Property to Managing Estate and Leasehold Blocks. Gain Landlord Property Insurance to Tenant Property Insurance Quotations. With Property Repair Maintenance services to assist you.

Our services are available individually or as part of a package. Please see our services available by clicking above on the Landlord option. If you want to Do It Yourself click on DIY Advertise, services available to Landlords and Property Owners across the UK.

We give a high level of service 24 hours a day 7 days a week to our customers, we have found more of our customers use the internet and do not visit the local Letting and Estate Agents anymore. Tenants look on the internet in their spare time which is usually outside normal business working hours. Landlords work throughout the day. We are never shut when you are at home, we value your custom, we deliver a valuable service to you and we are very competitively priced.

How is the current property market in your opionion?

Here at BNR we are advertising and renting out property for the Private Landlord very fast indeed with tenants waiting on our lists for the right property. The Market for selling property has turned for the seller with a steady increase. We keep our services up to date to suit our

What adivce do you have to first time buyers?

If you are a first time buyer check out our information pages for Buyers, see the procedures of the process we always keep you up to date with the latest marketing. Be strong and find the right property to suit you! There are many answers to be given to the First Time Buyer make sure you know what sort of property you are looking for down to the fixtures and fittings required. Check for any works required when you move in! and more importantly you can afford to complete this.

Do you have any good adivce about the industry?

The property industry has been on a steady increase with rental property. The rental income for properties with the private landlords has kept steady with no huge increases of rent to the tenant. Sales of property is on a steady uphill rise with sales and potential customers being found ready and waiting for the right property.

What are some benefits to owning a property?

The benefits to owning your own property gives you start and opportunity of getting onto the property ladder. Increasing opportunities for bigger investments in the future and more importantly when purchased making the property your own, adding those features to call home.

Can you describe the steps to buying a house?

Property Buyers

Looking for a new property to buy and need help, we can help you with all aspects of purchasing a new property to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Whether you to be a first time property buyer, buy to let or a frequent mover.

The sort of property you are looking for? details of the budget you have in mind? If we do not have the appropriate property we will seek the market for you. LOOK at our points below for the basic process of buying a property and what you should consider. We will keep you informed of all new property as and when the properties enter the Market by email if you contact us.

Remember be Focused and Strong when looking for a suitable property, arranging a viewing and making an offer if you wish to proceed further.
How much can you afford

Firstly you will need to decide how much you can afford to spend on a suitable property looking at how much money you have available for the deposit and how much money you will need to borrow or can borrow.

There are a wide range of different financial providers of which offer loans to you buying a property.

Building Societies
Mortgage Advisors
Independent Financial Advisers

We can give your details to an Independent Financial Advisor for help and answer any questions you may have being Property Buyers.

Some building societies now provide home buyers with a certificate that states that a loan will be available provided the property is satisfactory. You may be able to get this certificate before you start looking for a property. Building societies state that this certificate may help you to have your offer accepted by the Seller.

What to Consider:

You need to be sure you will have enough money to pay for all the additional costs. These could include:-
The buyers solicitors costs
Land registry fee
Survey fees
Stamp Duty Land Tax
Local authority searches
Removal expenses
Final bills, for example, gas and electricity, from your present home which will have to be paid when you move
Fees, if any, charged by the mortgage lender or someone who arranges the mortgage, for example, a mortgage broker
Valuation fees

For more information about Stamp Duty Land Tax, go to the Directgov website

Please be aware that if you start the process of buying a property and then the sale falls through you may have already paid for the valuation or the survey. If the Solicitor has started any legal work or searches you may also be liable to pay for the work completed.

New property Running Expenses
Have you also considered the Running Expenses of the new property:

These could include:

Community charge/council tax
Water rates
Ground rent, if the property is leasehold
Service charges, if the property is a leasehold flat
Insurance costs, including life insurance, buildings and contents insurance
Heating bills. An energy performance certificate can help and this is made available from the vendor

You may have to pay a deposit on exchange of contracts previously before the purchase is completed and the money is received from the mortgage lender. The deposit is often 5% 10% of the purchase price but this can vary.

Deciding on a property

Take all the above into consideration
Look for a property to suit your requirements and needs
Look for a property within your budget
View the property
Take into account any additional work that may be required before you move in or when you have moved in ie. repairs and redecoration.

Warranties for newly-built properties
If the property is a newly-built property, check it has a Buildmark warranty, warranties are organised by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) which is an independent organisation. Builders must be able to show that they are technically and financ

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