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Car Mirror Shop
Hungary - Esztergom
We producing and selling OEM side mirrors and plastic holders and heating here in Hungary and sell this products our web shop.
We are using high quality chrome plated konvex glass and a high precision CNC machine for cutting./b/br
bWe sell and send our products wordlwide!/br

What is your best selling product?

Mirror glass for right side for Bmw X3 F25 2010
List price 5.16
This mirror is designed to attach to your existing broken or cracked mirror
This is 100% high quality real glass, strong bond adhesives complete installation instructions included. Exact fit.

Europian Approved Vendor Nr.: H-11-04-5384

Dimension (mm): 182.6 x 143.2

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

The mirror glass are cut out from konvex chrome plated glass by a high precision CNC cutting machine, which has a tolerance under 0.01 mm. The mirror is an exact match to your existing mirror. It will have the same shape, size, bend, thickness and features.

How did you actually start this business?

We are an all das open on-line shop and we are waiting for customers from all over the world. You can see all our products in our webshop. You can find us on Facebook too.

Who is your target market?

We are waiting car parts seller and car mechanic companies and car part wholesalers to buy our mirrors and mirror accessories.

Individuals are welcome too in our web shop.

You can pay with PayPal and credit or debit card.

How have customers responded to your products?

We have two platform to obtain responses comes from our customers.
One was built in our web shop. Our registered customers can write a review about our product and/or about our customer relationship management and he or she can place a comment in our Facebook site too.

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My Products / Services
Mirror glass for right side for Bmw X3
Mirror glass for right side for Bmw X3. This mirror was made from a high quality a konvex chrome plate glass. Side mirror glass will be delivered with a strong adhesive tape to replace your broken mirror.
High Quality - manufactured in Hungary using high-end CNC equipment. Meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Safety-smooth seamed edges for safe handling
First-surface chrome reduces headlight glare. This mirror is an exact match to your existing mirror. It will have the same shape, size, bend, thickness and features.

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