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Canterbury International TEFL Certificate
Spain - Madrid
Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is a 4 weeks course that students can take along the year. The course curricula covers different aspects of the English language, from grammar to specific aspects that the students must know in order to teach English as a foreign language. In addition, this course also offers the students the possibility of doing an internship therefore, they will be able to put into practice what they have learned. Another key point of Canterbury is its location, Madrid, one of the most visited European capitals, not only for its great weather but for all the cultural options, as well as, the Spanish life style, known worldwide for its nightlife, tapas and sangría. Whats more, the completion of this course would give the students the chance of getting a job in Spain! Moreover, our course is international recognized hence, the students could get a job anywhere they want to.
To sum up, this course is perfect for recent graduates or just people who are looking for a year(s) abroad, and Madrid is the best place to do so.

What skills are in demand worldwide?

English has become one of the most spoken languages worldwide, and with the recent economic crisis that is hitting Spain, the demand of taking English courses has increased because the Spanish population need to be more qualified than ever in order to get a job in a very competitive market. Therefore, English teachers are extremely needed in Spain nowadays.

Any advice for somebody wanting to study?

Our advice would be that Spain is a completly country for the rest of European countries. Spanish people do everything 4 hours later hence anyone who is thinking on taking this course should take that into consideration and get used to have lunch at 2 pm and dinner around 10 pm. Besides that, everything depends on the student attitude, Spain is such a nice country to live in and this can be your opportunity to do it!

Do you need a degree in your field?

You dont need a degree in order to complete this course, you only need to be highly motivated and being able to transmit that motivation to your future students. Although, its always good have some kind of diploma or work experience related to teaching.

Is this recognized worldwide or locally, if so with who?

Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is recognized worldwide by the College of Teachers in London. Whats more Canterbury has been awarded with the Golden Medal from the Province of Madrid in 2000 and the National Merit Award of Spain in 2001 for the excellence of its programs.

What options are available to students?

Canterbury offers theoretical and practical classes, besides the teaching internship. In addition, Canterbury helps the students to find accommodation in Madrid, as well as, Spanish classes at the García Lorca Spanish School to the ones interested in learning another language as useful as Spanish.

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