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Business Cash Advances/Loans/Working Capital
United States - Long Island/Brooklyn/NYC
NO Application Fee
Z&R Funding, LLC.

We Can and Will get You the Funding You Need...!

NO Application/Processing Fees or Closing Fees at all
NO Interest Rate
NO Collateral Needed
No Risk to Your Home/Cars/Personal Finances
YES - Bad Credit is Okay

Call Gary Toll Free At: 1-888-237-6902 (Ext # 107)
Dial Direct: (516)299-6046

What Finance News should everyone know about?

In the recovery so far, small businesses have largely been left behind. Initially, loans were hard to come by and consumers werent shopping. Now, small-business owners say, Washington is throwing up additional roadblocks.

What mistake do people make when it comes to finance?

Most will confuse the facts about what an Interest Rate avtually adds up to as far as what you wind up paying back. An interest rate is cumulative, meaning that it continues to acrue and build up. People almost always misunderstand the mathmatics regarding how much they actually pay back.

Can you offer any investment advice?

Technology/Green Companies/and for the near short term, Retail Clothing. That is if you are looking to the stock market. For 95% of the business community, they will be much better served, and realize much greater profits by investing in their own businesses.

Can you get finance with bad credit?

You can get finance with bad credit, you simply pay a slightly higher rate. Or, you can call me at Z&R Funding, where your credit rating is NOT a factor. WE CAN and WILL get You the Working Capital/Funding You Need...! No Collateral/MNo Interest/No risk to Home-Cars-Personal Finances.

Explain your fees and payment structure?

We do not charge an interest rate. We charge a flat fee, that is then spread out over the life of the advance/loan. A client may akso choose to have us simply take a percentage of their credit card reciepts instead. Loans can range from 6 - 14 months, and are based upon a Business Year calender, which posts 264 working days.

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Cash Advance
A Business Cash Advance is an excellant way for a small to mid-sized business to get the Working Capital that they need for all sorts of business reasons - such as: Euipment/Inventory/Expansion/Repairs/Day to Day operating expenses, and more...

We are simply purchasing a percentage of your future sales, credit card or otherwise. No Risk on your part, we assume all of the Risk.
We have a verty simple 1-page application, and ask for just a few documents to get you approved and funded.

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