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Brown Sugar Boutique Jewelry
United States - DENVER
Welcome.. I am delighted to have you at this website. There are so many deals & selections to choose from. Is there something nice you would like to get a lovely lady maybe Your wife or your Mom a Sister or favorite Aunt of yours? Look no further you found the spot you can stop & shop at even if Im not in your city! You can shop right in your city for some of these beautiful pieces.

What Jewelry making supplies do you use?

The jewelry is made by a professional company that has so many unique pieces and takes time on every single item in the inventory. Anywhere from gold to silver to even pins & scarfs. They take time on what they make & the unique pieces they have in stock.

What is your business history?

My business history goes far beyond just this website. I am multi-talented and have websites on here due to online marketing as well. Starting at a young age I started with sales either with household items or through sale of culinary services. Also been in business with construction clean up crews & more.I Have been an account manager for different Fortune 500 companies that have been successful. Now Im an entreprenuer in different areas. Ready & wiling to make these ladies hair & nails look nice I do mine I love looking good & making others feel the same.. Are you throwing a party/ event or maybe you need a private cook or cooking coach ask me Ill get you not only the answer you need but the food youve been craving!

Any advice for buyers?

Theres deals for days & just by going through my website you get automatic deals plus for my V>I>P customers I can give you coupons or gift cards or something free for your purchases at a certain amount. There is something for every woman in my Jewelry Boutique!

What is your target market?

My T.M. is happy customers who are looking for jewelry and maybe more. Someone who could not only be shopping but looking for an opportunity. Also maybe not even a customer but someone who is looking for a job change & a possible new employer that works with great companies.

Do you have any customer reviews?

Yes I do.. I have personal customer reviews through emails..I am just getting started so as soon as I get more reviews or comments I will be sure to post them on my website or through my advertisements. Jewelry is essential in a lot of countries in a lot of homes all around the world.. Take a look.. Buy something lovely so this special person can Rock your new Jewelry pieces to remember you by or to have whenever you like! Thank you for you time..enjoy my website

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Ms Monique
I am truly unique.. Nice to meet you! I am delighted for your attention. Now a days the internet is amazing in so many ways. Ive been an entrepreneur from day one.. I am looking to dream bigger and do all I dream, desire & am destined to do on this earth. I love to cook.. Hair & nails are something I am great at doing & making look good. I am instilled with gifts, skills & hours of training. There is nothing I cannot grasp fast & I love to be apart of the business world. Thanks for your time..Have a lovely or blessed day.~ Monique

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